Monday, March 25, 2013

Planet Money On Haiti : Planet Money : NPR

Planet Money On Haiti : Planet Money : NPR

I am a big believer in small government.  I think that most of the problems in America come from to much government both state and local.

In Haiti the bribes are explicit, in your face.  Give my this or I will not allow you to leave.  In America the bribes are implicit never mentioned, the hiring of an off spring or spouse.  The better job that is quickly attained working for a large company at many times their previos income.  The laws that are in place to protect against this are easily and readily skirted.  The official now making money at our expense - when pointed out is brushed aside.  'Do you have a problem with people making money, wanting a better life for their family?'

This corruption exists in the non-profit world too.  This story reinforces my belief that for most economic problems food, clothing, shelter, water.  The population being servered would be much better off just being given cash.

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