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Pro Life , Right to Life , Every Heart Beat Counts , Ultra Sound Iniative in South Dakota

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Save a baby Prolife Ultra Sound Initiative

On January 22, 2009, the 36th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision-legalizing abortion on demand, Annette Bosworth M.D. quietly celebrated by buying a hand held ultra sound machine. Dr. Bosworth launched a new initiative aimed at providing women considering abortion a new way of viewing the life within them.

If you where pregnant free of charge she would show you your baby.
Dr. Bosworth simple belief that once a mother sees her baby there is no way she can think of killing the baby. “They see that it is a baby and that it does have a heartbeat,” she explained. “Just seeing the heartbeat is very powerful to a woman.”

Annette Bosworth has spent the last three years serving in our prisons, shelters, and halfway houses. Bosworth says that she has never considered her self a prolife advocate until this week. “I guess I needed it spelled out for me, she says. I love the look on a mom’s face when she meets her baby for the first time. I never considered that I was one of the leaders of the Prolife Movement in my community.”

But, in hind sight it is obvious “Every heart beat matters to me, saving the life of an unborn is just as important as saving any other human life. I think the other place I stand out is that if a woman chooses an abortion. I then treat them as if they have lost a loved one. Without judging. My job as a Doctor is to heal, not judge.”

As of April 2013, by my (Chad Haber) count 487 South Dakota babies are alive that would not be.

The Knight’s of Columbus state “Reports indicate that up to 90 percent of women considering an abortion choose to have their baby after seeing an ultrasound image. They hear their baby’s heartbeat; they see their baby’s head and fingers. They know it is a child, not a “choice.”’

The Knight’s of Columbus are doing a great thing.

Unfortunately Dr. Bosworth would not qualify for one of their ultra sound machines because she is not Catholic.

The biggest difference between Knight’s of Columbus plan and Preventive Health Strategies Ultra Sound Initiative is if you are a Doctor and you agree that every expectant woman you come into contact with you will show her baby on the ultra sound we provide. PHS will give you an ultrasound machine as they become available no other strings.
Dr. Bosworth’s example Preventive Health Strategies will follow there is no preaching needed just an introduction between a mother and a baby.

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Annette Bosworth MD - is my wife and has been persecuted for being a doctor that believes in the right to life.  


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