Thursday, February 7, 2013

Dealing With the Death of My Father

Feb 5, 2012

Today I woke to the news that my Dad ( Denton Haber ) died last night.

I am fortunate enough to share my father's faith. This means that the fear "where is he now?" is not something I have to journey through. I am secure in the fact that he is in Heaven.

I decided to spend the day doing the things I think he would want me to do. 

1) I took my Family to "Bob's" for breakfast. My dad ate at Bob's five days a week with the same guys for as long as I can remember.

This was amazing!
Some of the comments;
Denton Haber "always said put me in a bag and dig a hole."

He wanted Bagpipes at his funeral... Long conversation about who we can get to play the bagpipes.

"I'll bet there will be more homeless people at the funeral than people in suits." I replied I hope so I'm homeless (I don't want to feel out of place)

"He was like a second father to me!" I asked how old are you? The reply 57.... My dad was 64! Lol

This comment was really good to hear:

"He seemed to have a mission to provide work for people nobody wanted." At which point a different man says "I will always be thankful to your dad for providing me work when nobody wanted me."

"Your dad was willing to be taken advantage of, and didn't let that sour him from giving the next person an opportunity."

2) I spent the rest of the day with his mom and his brothers.

His brothers telling different versions of "He would always ask will that work? Then we always had to deal with: Oh Shit! It worked!"

My grandma tells the story of his birth. I didn't know my dad was born at McKennan Hospital until that moment.

Then my grandma tells me that my grandpa was late getting to the hospital because the "Circus Train!" was blocking traffic. Talk about an Omen!

My uncle Doug had the best comment. I asked him for a high moment of his and my dad's relationship. Doug: "today is a high point. I get to have the last word!"

3) Airport Jason W Byrne arrived at six.

4) Funeral Home: was "Odd!"

5) McNally's pub where my dad ended 9 out of 10 days. I asked, "What would he order?" That's what I had.

Thank You McNally's

I loved you dad!

Post Traumatic Growth

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