Friday, February 15, 2013

Post Traumatic Growth

Systems need to be stressed in order to grow.

The problem with "The Golden Rule" is that it doesn't allow the necessary down time to refresh.

The "Golden Rule" is the "Chinese Water Torture" of attacks just like the water torture it is just one little harmless drop at a time until you have nothing left.

I still don't understand why every record about my wife ( +Annette Bosworth ) is now open to the public except for the e-mails between her dead lawyer and Bill Golden.  What is in those e-mails that Bill Golden has been able to keep them from the eyes of the public?

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  1. Somehow I do not think that question will ever be satisfied. I often wonder who (Besides BIll Golden) would take the time to go look through all those public records. I can't imagine who is interested in looking at those records . . . but they are there.