Sunday, November 25, 2012

Bedtime stories from 2000 miles away

I have seen this feature advertised for months.  I honestly had no desire to try it.  I took my three young boys to Haiti.  My wife had to stay home.  My boys are well traveled.  I didn't think much about the trip.  My six year old started complaining about missing mom.

I tried Google Hang Out, I'm in Haiti.  Odd we have internet for free but no cell coverage($3/min) equals no cell coverage.


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I sent her a Facebook message to try Google Hangout.  The whole process took a few minutes to get it to work the first time.  This was a great experience, the next night the fun of playing with the funny hats and sounds was done and Annette got to make her normal funny sounds.  The boys loved it (including me).

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