Sunday, November 25, 2012

What to pack for kids going to Haiti

The most important thing is to admit what comforts your kid.  Does your fifteen year old still sleep with his blank y.  Then you better pack his blank y.  Haiti is so alien that I have seen seasoned travelers have complete meltdowns.  Before you commit to going own the fact that there is a mortality rate associated with in going to a third world country.

My suggestions:
1) What makes them comfortable.
     Blank y
2) Sunscreen
3) Bug repellant
4) Water bottle

Take the medicines your doctor gives you.  I choose the Haitian Tap-Tap to travel in  I think this provides a more engages trip.  The smells, sounds, involvement with Haitians is added.  But nice AC vehicles can be found for the same price.

Make sure you have a translator.  Then remember the translator is in charge you and your kids need to do exactly as told.  This should lead to an experience that will unite you as a family.  An experience you share and can refer back to in difficult times.

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