Monday, November 26, 2012

Preventive Health Strategies


Working with local community leaders in Haiti to make sure water is restored to 70,000 people Meaningful missions believes in direct support. Meaningful Missions finds the individuals in a community then makes sure they have what they need.

This community needed water. Meaningful missions talked to community leaders to find out what their water solutions were. The plans were well thought out and obvious. This was an obvious preventive health strategy, meaningful missions had the ability to help and we did.

The Preventive Health Strategies used only Haitians to do this project. The only support given was direct financial support and accountability. Training Meaningful missions local leaders to always follow up and make sure the work is completed and that nothing else is needed.

Eighteen local leaders showed up to "meaningful medicine" accountable.

Preventive Health Strategies
1) See the need
2) show compassion, observe, learn,
3) If possible meet the need.

The mayor explained to me "help tomorrow just means you are not going to help my people today!"

Water was restored to this community.

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