Sunday, November 25, 2012


This picture does not do this man justice.  In Haiti a country that has been plagued with corruption the leaders are very hard to meet.  This mayor is different.  The open door policy is literally practiced.  I think if anybody (Haitian, American, Canadian) had an idea and the means to make his city better/cleaner he would act on it now.

This garbage pile is a great example.  The garbage has been building in this spot since 2008.  This is before the earthquake.  As an American this is unimaginably disgusting.  The mayor to his credit was offered the chance to make it go away, and he took it.

I think we are going to have a good relationship.  I know he is the one in charge, has the power, the ability to help things happen.   I like the fact that he has been rational and predictable in our talks.  

A mayor in any country showing up and cleaning a garbage pile all day would shock the people they represent.

For this to happen in Haiti is amazing.

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