Monday, November 26, 2012

Traffic jams

I have experienced traffic jams on this trip to Haiti.

Reasons for the traffics jams. If you have worked in Haiti or any other third world country you have experienced the rounding that happens in translating.

Think of the game telephone now it goes down a long line of people gets to your translator who tries to explain the situation to you.

Transportation taxi jams:
1)Accident: I understand this one
2)Bridge out: happens in America too
- this added an hour to our commute both directions everyday
3)The bridge is out and somebody has blocked the detour bridge on purpose.
4)Heavy commute traffic: rush hour happens in America too
5)Vehicle stuck in a pot hole and needs to be pushed out.
6)Police stopping every vehicle
7)One lane road and heavy traffic from other direction
8)Funeral procession
9)Communication Errors with driver
- end up at the right business wrong location
- driver doesn't arrive on time.
- because he runs into one or all of the issues listed above
-missed church yesterday because driver got to us two hours late
10) livestock crossing the road
11) Market Day- Some communities the market is right next to the only road going through town. This can bring traffic to a dead stop.
12) Americans- trying to help. Guaranteed will stop traffic
13) celebrations - same thing happens in America, Macy's thanksgiving day parade. Feels random as an American though.
14) Being lost
15) Donkey loaded down with things for market won't move.

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