Sunday, November 25, 2012

Michael St-Vilien

I'm sitting next to Michael in the back of a Haitian Tap-Tap (painted pickup/Haitian primary form of transportation) as I write this.

Michael Does an excellent job of negotiating for the organizations we work with in Haiti.

We have used Michael as a negotiator in government negotiations.

We have used Michael to calm an angry mob.

We have used Michael to calm angry clergy.

We have used Michael in negotiating supplies from Haitians and other organizations that have what we are lacking. We have had times that the thing we need is not available for sale in Haiti.

Michael is very well connected and was able to help us get what was needed. Michael has done this type of negotiating for us on things like fans, medicines, medical care. For those who have not operated in a third world country. I can not express the importance of this skill set. We have used other interpreters. The difference is like driving a 1982 Chevy Pinto and a brand new Ferrari they both do the same thing. But? How do you describe the difference to somebody that has never driven.

Michael understands the nuances if the English language this has come in most handy when we have been in danger and did not know it.

Personally the scariest place i have ever been in Haiti. It was after dark and the place that I had arranged to stay with my kids changed their mind.

Michael was not with us. Michael dropped everything and helped us to find a safe place to stay on a moments notice.

Michael is well connected in the Haitian community. Michael has helped us scale up quickly for events. Michael has with little notice get us 25 good English interpreters for a medical team.

Michael is always willing to do what is needed.

Michael's phone number 5093837508

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