Thursday, November 29, 2012


"Happiness = Satisfaction / Desire"    Anonymous
“If you have enough money to satisfy your desires, you are rich. But there are two ways to be rich: You can earn, inherit, borrow, beg, or steal enough money to meet expensive desires; or you can cultivate a simple lifestyle of few desires; that way you always have more than enough money.”  Dave Ramsey, lots of people, but I think Dave Ramsey will get traffic to this blogg

Rich = Wants / cash flow   

Step one—Ask for God’s great blessing and He is bound to bless you

I pray that God will give me "Super Natural Favor"  I have had this every day since I accepted that this is what is intended for me.

What is "Super Natural Favor?'"   Annette has been using this term.  I did not slow down enough to process what she was saying.  There is a distinction between "favor" and "super natural favor."   The word "Supernatural" has always made me flinch.  Annette using the term "Supernatural favor" bothered me.  This raised my awareness to others using "Super Natural Favor" I agreed with Annette.  We (Annette & I) have been given "Super Natural Favor".  
Natural favor must be earned, but supernatural favor is a gift. Natural favor says, If you work hard enough and long enough, some people will like you some of the time.
But that acceptance must be maintained, and having to say and do all the right things becomes a form of slavery. God does not expect us to run around trying to earn favor with Him or with others. 
Example I liked "God isn't impressed with us for climbing the mountain, he made the mountain." Keith Loy
God expects us only to do God's will whether it is popular or not. Just do your best and leave the results to God.
Annette's prayer as long as I have known her "God grant me the courage to do the next right thing."

 Step two—Ask and God will enlarge your territory (Grant you success)

I pray that my territory continues to grow.  Last week was a prime example of this, I thought that my territory had shrunk by 700 instead God was showing me that my territory was already 70,000 and I was not to doing my part.

 Step three—Ask and God will bring a touch of Greatness to your life 

By being persecuted I'm showing that it never was me that was doing these things it was my God through me.  By being stripped of the distractions that money and possessions bring, I was able to finally see that I am much more.  

Step four—Ask and God will keep the "Appearance of impropriety" away.

In my case, I pray that the devil remains using incompetent tools.
I pray that, "Appearance of impropriety" stays outside and does not return to within my family.

This week I have people asking me how are you going to make money?
Money does not = Happiness
I will not go back to the "happy does not exist" rant.  But, one thing that is beyond question is that money is not the answer.
My wants/things that will satisfy me are very simple.  

I want my wife to be left alone.    This one I know is unattainable, she is not capable of walking by somebody in need that she has the ability to help.  Annette's foundational prayer "Grant me the strength to do the next right thing."  Will always keep this out of reach.  It is good for a man to want and to have something to strive for.

I want our influence to continue to grow.  I want time with my wife and kids.
This is unrealistic an assistant attorney general is a very powerful enemy to have.  They have the power of the State the "Department of Criminal Investigation" as staffers.  This is unimaginable power.  I have seen people intimidated, threatened for supporting Annette.
I want people to look beyond the headlines, and see that they could be next to be attacked.  The accusations are horrific with no facts.
Money is not the answer.  There is not enough money that any single person has to do this.

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